Saturday, December 09, 2006

Mean Green Website- Afterthoughts

Is contact information available on the home page? The Mean Green athletics website did have contact information at the bottom of the homepage. This is where contact information usually is on web pages so it is very easy to find.

Is a webmaster's name or company contact's e-mail addresses listed? XOS is the name of the company that is website is done through and it is named at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen. There is also a link for the XOS page.

Is the geographic location of the web site's organization easily determined? It is also at the bottom right-hand corner of the screen, like many other web sites, so it was easily accessible to those who surf websites.

Are phone numbers or customer service contact information provided? Customer service contact information is provided, however no phone numbers.

Is there a text-only option on the home page? If so, is it easily found? I could not find a text-only option on the homepage. I don’t believe there is one, but if there is, it is not easy to find.

Describe font usage and its readability/legibility, in terms of all potential users.-The fonts on the website are Arial 10. It is extremely legible to all readers. As discussed in class, Arial is regularly used on web pages because it is so easy to read.

Describe links and whether they are easily discernible from other type and image use.- All words listed on the left-hand side of the screen are links to another page. They are all white on a green background and when the cursor is moved over them, a box pops up to tell you where you can go from there. In all of the news stories, the lead is shown and then there is an underlined continue button directly next to it if you would like to read further. It is unmistakable as a link. In the news stories, a link can be located at the beginning or the end of the story. They are green and underlined and often say ‘results’ or ‘box score.’ In the schedule and results section, the links are all located on the right-hand side of the schedule and they are also green and underlined. All of the links are easily identifiable.

If audio and/or video files are available, discuss quality and appropriateness.- Mean Green Premium is videos of the various sports and Q&A with coaches. It is very appropriate to the site.

Does it seem as though the site's developers are aware of accessibility for users of all abilities? Why or why not? No, because I cannot find a read-only button for users, there is not a button to make the font larger, and there is not a way to listen to stories for the hearing-impaired.

Classify this web site as either Web 1.0 or Web 2.0? Why? This is mainly a Web 1.0 because you click on words as link to another page, like older web sites. You can click on the pictures of the news stories and it will take you directly to the news story so there is an element of Web 2.0, but for the most-part, the website is a Web 1.0.

Does the site require plug-ins? If so, is there an alternative way to access information on the site? No the site does not require plug-ins.

Does it seem as though the site's developers are aware of accessibility for users who may own older hardware and software? Why or why not? Suggest improvements.- Yes. I know this because I still have windows 97 on my personal computer and I can access all pages and files from the Mean Green athletic website from my personal computer.

Would a newcomer to the web find this site easy or difficult to use? Why or why not? Suggest improvements.- Yes, a newcomer would find this site easy to use. The links and pages are clearly lined up on the left-hand side of the page. All of the sports pages are laid-out the same. It is very easy to identify where the links go by the obvious words used as the link. It is a very easy site to navigate.

Web-Tracking- FINAL

The main website I have been tracking, the UNT, or Mean Green, athletics website, is very easy to navigate. All of the different sports are easy to get through, and they all have the same features and look. It is very familiar no matter which sports page you visit. This makes the site inviting to stay and surf through the different pages.

The information on the website is updated regularly and as needed. For example, if there is a basketball game at night, the website is thoroughly updated with a new story and the game statistics before the next morning. It does not take too many clicks to get to the desired information. It takes only one click to get to the page of the specific sport you wish to look at, and one more if you would like to look at the game-by-game statistics.

This web site is very organized, nice-looking, and easily accessible. It has features for guests to vote on a variety of different subjects, comment on stories and events, contact the athletic department, and even features games and interviews online.

All of the sports are easily accessible on the homepage, and they are all organized the same. There are similar sections on each specific sports page for news stories, game notes, statistics, schedules and results, rosters and contact information for the coaching staff.

The only thing the site lacks is a link back to the UNT homepage. On the Dallas Mavericks website, there is a link to the NBA website. That is the only change I would make from the Dallas Mavericks website tot eh Mean Green athletics website.

I did change my mind about which site I thought looked cleaner. In the beginning, I thought the Dallas Mavericks website had a cleaner and more professional look. Now, I think the Mean Green athletics website has a cleaner look. Their information is laid-out on the left-hand side of the screen. The Dallas Maverick’s website has their information laid-out across the top of the screen. I find the information on the left-hand side easier to see and navigate.

The presentation of the Mean Green athletics website is very appealing. At the top of each page, there is a picture of a Mean Green athlete for the corresponding sport. The UNT color green is shown on each page. The logo, the screaming eagle, is located at the top right-hand corner of each page. All of the pages have a very similar look. It is obvious they are all from the Mean green athletic website, which is a principle of good design.

I look at both of these website regularly throughout the week. They change very often and in a timely manner to the events they cover. For example, on both websites, when there is a sporting event, a game story is written immediately following the game and game statistics are added to the statistics page on the page of that specific sport. The following day, game notes and interesting facts are added to the notes page of the specific sport page.

On the Mean Green athletic website, there were several stories posted about high school students who have posted National Letters on Intent to play various sports at North Texas. On the Dallas Mavericks website, new stories were posted when rookie players were cut from the team or moved to a different team for the season. There is always a lot of activity on both of these websites. There is always something new to view.

Both websites have information in their archives about past seasons. You can read stories from past season and in many sports, you can look at the statistics from games from those seasons.

(I tried to double space this final post but it messed up the spacing and made it very difficult to read)

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Web-Tracking Journal- 6

After careful consideration I have decided to change my primary website from The Dallas Mavericks to the University of North Texas Athletics. NT has a lot more sports to cover and update and there is more going on in the website. The only time the Dallas Mavericks update their website is when there is a game or event with their one team. I have also contacted the Mavericks and they are not even the people who handle the upkeep of the website. It is a hired computer group and AP writers who update the web site. Also, the North Texas website applies to me and to other students better than the Mavericks website. Since I have been checking both regularly I feel this is not a drastic change is wil actually benefit me a lot more.

Tuesday, November 7, 2006

2:00 p.m.- Mean Green Website- There have been A LOT of changes and updates. It took me almost a full hour to go through all of the new press releases about sporting events and the schedule/results changes and statistics changes on each individual sports page. The look of the website is still the same but navigating it is becoming MUCH MUCH easier (it was always easy) because I have visited so often. There have aldo been updates to Mean Green Insider, a video that does exclusive interviews with coaches and players.

2:00 p.m.- The Dallas Mavericks have had several updates as weel, but it was much easier and quicker to find because there is only one team. There isn't a lot to the actual Mavericks website. There was a roster change, and a few game stories and statistics updates. I guess I could go further and travel to the NBA website from the Mavericks website, but I don't believe that counts. You can get to the Sun Belt Conference website from the Mean Green site but I don't view it as necessary for this project.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Web-Tracking 5

Thursday, October 19, 2006

3:00p.m.- The Dallas Mavericks have posted a new story. It’s a preview on their next upcoming preseason game this evening against the Milwaukee Bucks. No further changes to report.

3:00p.m.- The Mean Green website has been updated. The top story has changed to a preview of the football team’s upcoming game in Arkansas this weekend. The Volleyball and tennis statistics and schedule/results links have been changed to accommodate the games/matches

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Web-Tracking Journal- 4

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

1:30 p.m.- The Dallas Mavericks has updated it’s top story on it’s website. The story is a recap of last night’s pre-season game against Houston. They lost 72-69, just barely getting beat by the Rockets. The statistics and schedule/results links have been updated to accommodate the game.

1:30 p.m.- The Mean Green Athletic website has had four new stories added to the page since I last visited. Three stories about Mean Green golf and one story about a volleyball player named Catherine Coffey being named Defensive Player of the Week by the Sun Belt Conference. The stats of these two sports and their schedule/results have been updated as well to accommodate the sports play.

Both of these web sites are kept up-to-date and have enough new information on a daily basis to keep sports fans interested in visiting the website often.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Web-Tracking Journal- 3

Monday, October 16th, 2006

1:00 p.m.- The Dallas Mavericks has had a new story posting. There is a preview of Tuesday night’s game against the Rockets. The game will be played at the American Airlines center, which is the Mavericks home stadium. Also, they have waived guard Pat Carroll who was signed a rookie free agent in August. Their ‘Players’ link has been updated. Carroll has been removed from the roster.
1:00 p.m.- No changes to report to the Mean Green Athletics website.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Web-Tracking Journal- 2

Sunday, October 15, 2006

7:00 p.m.- The Dallas Mavericks website has had a new story posting. The Mavericks lost 91-78 to Milwaukee on Saturday night. This story replaced the story about Head Coach Avery Johnson’s extended contract. Their schedule/scores, and statistics were also updated following Saturday evening’s game. No other changes to report.
7:00 p.m.- There have been three new articles added to the Mean Green Athletics website. One story was about the volleyball team’s 3-0 win over University of New Orleans, who was ranked number one in our division, and a school record broken by Brooke Engel. The other story was about the soccer team’s win over UALR.

Web-Tracking Journal

Saturday, October 14th, 2006

4:30 p.m.- The Dallas Mavericks website has been updated with a story about Head Coach Avery Johnson having his coaching contract extended. The terms of the extension were undisclosed. No other changes to report.
4:30 p.m.- The Mean Green Athletics website has had an update. The story changed from Mean Green volleyball, to a story on the women’s swimming and diving team intersquad meet. No other changes to report.
9:30 p.m.- Another Mean Green volleyball story was posted on top of the swimming story. No other changes to report.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Web Tracking Assignment

I am a Public Relations major, focusing on Athletic Media relations. The two websites I chose to visit were The Dallas Mavericks, and Mean Green Athletics.

These websites are similar because they are both athletic websites. They are slightly different because one is a professional sports team, and one is a generic college athletic website.

Both of the websites are easy to navigate. The Dallas Mavericks website looks more professional and a lot “busier” then the Mean Green Athletics website, which looks cleaner and more organized. The Dallas Mavericks website has a fun presentation. There are many picture and many more links than the Mean Green Athletics website. However, they resemble each other a lot too. Their links and pages are clearly lined up and it is easy to find the page you are looking for. The pages are organized very well.

After visiting both of these web sites several time within the past two weeks, I have decided to make The Dallas Mavericks website my primary website for this project.

Dallas Mavericks

Mean Green Athletics